Who we are


Digicoinuser has been a member of the Bitcointalk forums since 2014 and is an avid numismatist.


Minerjones has also been a member of the Bitcointalk forums since 2014 and provides many community services.

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Digi & MJ have teamed up to launch Cryptopods - Cryptocoins for Change.

The team


Digicoinuser aka Digi

Digi generated / printed the keys & certificates for Series 1, prototyped the build process, and has assembled many DIY physical bitcoins from different manufacturers.

Digi enjoys building computers/servers, developing web systems, 3D printing, and messing around with coins / physical bitcoins.

When not doing any of the above, Digi takes pleasure in the great outdoors or relaxing with some fine food and a movie.

Digi’s future includes creating more 3D printed items, certificates, and continuing business as usual. Projects require free time and dependent on future responsibilities he hopes another Cryptopods coin can be released this year. Digi’s always on the lookout for an epic coin release from any manufacturer and you can be sure to find him on the Bitcointalk Collectibles Forum.



Minerjones aka MJ

MJ assembled the coins for Series 1, signed / laminated the certificates, and collected all the Ravenbit coins required to finish the series. His mantis theme was instrumental to the design of the logo / holograms.

Minerjones takes time out to collect physical crpytocurrencies and related items. He is also a long time Simpsons collector, watcher and enjoys discussing them at length. Other hobbies include apple picking and gnome hunting.

MJ’s future plans include more coin releases,continued collecting, and the running of his distribution and escrow services.


We thank everyone for the continued support and great reviews we’ve received so far!! Below is a collection of customer images & reviews, feel free to check them out.

If you’d like yours added to the site please post the image to a image hosting site like imgur, and send a link to Digi/MJ via the forum or this sites contact form.

The Cryptopods cometh


hephaist0s wrote a great review over on their site, object2212.com. An excerpt can be found below:


It’s always great to see new creators entering the physical cryptocoin space, and Cryptopods is taking a unique approach with their first offering, sort of like a soft launch: instead of creating a new design, they are repurposing 101 Ravenbit coins from 2014, creating new vanity keys for each (starting with “1Crypto”) and giving them all new Cryptopods holograms. The series is called “Ravenbit Podified.”

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