Series 1 Info

Ravenbit Podified

Release Date: May 28th, 2017
Mintage: 100
Weight: ~26.5g
Diameter: 39mm

Material: Goldine, Copper, Brass, and Bronze

1x Ravenbit SATOSHI (#1)
33x Ravenbit NODE Copper (#2 - #34)
33x Ravenbit NODE Brass (#35 - #67)
33x Ravenbit NODE Bronze (#68 - #100)

1x Ravenbit NODE Bronze

Public Addresses:


2017 Hologram

Series Details

Custom Cryptopods 2017 with Transparent Window

Certificate of Authenticity:
Uniquely generated for each coin with public key and QR code.

Custom Certificates

Key Generation / Assembly Information

Coin creation

Key Generation

Key pairs were securely generated over the period of a few months using an offline computer running Vanitygen on a fresh Linux Debian install.

Key Pair Application

Public / private pairs printed & applied to the holograms in a secure envionment in which only Digi or MJ had access to the printed copies during assembly.

Destroy Records

Remaining records of public / private key pairs destroyed while saving public key list for archiving. This included digital and physical copies of the key pairs.